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Diany 25

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Building Apartment number Floor Rooms Yardage Balcony/Garden Side of the World Price Status Map Details
Diany 25 01 0 3 57,63 Garden west Reservation details
Diany 25 02 0 3 58,07 Garden north - west Reservation details
Diany 25 03 0 2 50,85 Garden north - east 431 590 zł Availible details
Diany 25 04 0 2 48,75 Garden east Reservation details
Diany 25 09 0 3 57,44 Garden west 481 202 zł Availible details
Diany 25 13 1 2 48,75 Balcony east Reservation details
Diany 25 14 1 3 58,66 Balcony east 497 194 zł Availible details
Diany 25 20 2 3 58,07 Balcony north - west 501 877 zł Availible details
Diany 25 21 2 2 50,85 Balcony north-east Reservation details
Diany 25 23 2 3 58,66 Balcony east 496 519 zł Availible details
Diany 25 26 2 3 58,07 Balcony south-west Reservation details
Diany 25 27 2 3 57,44 Balcony west 487 196 zł Availible details
Diany 25 28 3 3 57,63 Balcony west 494 555 zł Availible details
Diany 25 30 3 2 50,85 Balcony north- east Reservation details
Diany 25 32 3 3 58,66 Balcony east Reservation details
Diany 25 33 3 2 48,75 Balcony east 423 700 zł Availible details
Diany 25 35 3 3 58,07 Balcony south - west 515 716 zł Availible details
Diany 25 40 4 2 48,75 Balcony east Reservation details
Diany 25 45 4 3 57,44 Balcony west 498 684 zł Availible details

About the investment

What makes an apartment a home?

Diany 25
Diany 25 is a modern and functional five- story, single- staircase building with a high standard interior design.

The apartments on the ground floor will have access to the backyards, while the apartments on the upper floors compensate it with spacious balconies.

A quiet elevator adapted for the disabled. An expanded underground garage, practical storage rooms and broadband Internet access.
The way you live matters! That is why we focus on the aesthetics and art. Diany 25 is another building in Ogrody Diany which is distinguished by Mondrian style facades.

The art can be also visible in the staircases. Each of them is designed under architect supervision. The walls are decorated with paintings by young artists.

Everything, as always, in the standard you and your family deserve. In other words- the apartment that will make every day full of joy.
Give yourself a moment of rest! Right next to the Ogrody Diany you can find a park with a playground, a skatepark, sport fields and shopping malls. And if you decide to spend a day in the apartment- you can count on peace and quiet. Thanks to the high class sound insulation, you will forget about noise.
Get carried away by the greenery! Ogrody Diany is specially designed place full of flowers and trees among which you can rest.

Near the housing estate, there i also majestic Trójmiejski Park Krajobrazowy. Lake Wysockie and Osowskie await water enthusiasts. It is worth mentioning , that Chiron’s Park in Osowo was recognized as the most beautiful public space in the Pomeranian Voivodeship.

Nature is within your reach!
Osowa is perfectly connected district of Gdańsk. In the vicinity of Ogrody Diany there is a public transport bus stop. Residents also have access to Pomeranian metropolitan railway.

What makes this district unique is the location. Osowa is located in the north- western part of Gdańsk, bordering Gdynia and Sopot to the north. That is why you can easily get to the center of each Tri-City agglomerations. The proximity of the Beltway is an additional advantage.

Tri-City is within your reach!

The information does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Art. 66 of the Civil Code. The data provided is for information purposes only.
A modern and functional five- story single- staircase building. A total of 34 high standard apartments.

Elegant staircases are decorated with paintings of young artists. Distinctive facade is inspired by the geometric, modern Mondrian style.

A silent elevator is adapted for the disabled. An expanded, underground garage and 34 practical storage rooms with a broadband Internet connection.
The building is located on the multifunctional housing estate- nearby, you can find shopping mall, gym, kindergartens and nurseries, restaurants, expanded skatepark and playground. Diana 40 is located among specially designed, functional green areas.

One- room apartments are also available in Diana 40’s building!



10 min PKM Stop
5 min Bus Stop
3 min Tri-City bypass
4 min Kindergarten
12 min Lake
9 min Swimming Pool
8 min Tenis squash